Prepositions BESIDE and BESIDES

Prepositions BESIDE and BESIDES :

BESIDE - Preposition

Meanings :

1. At the side of
2. By the side of
3. Next to
4. Close to the side of

Example Sentences :

1. This year's sales figures don't look very good beside last year's results.
2. Beside the weeping children, the poor beggar lay.
3. When you come down beside your brother, we will be confused.

BESIDES - Preposition

Meanings :

1. In addition to
2. As well as

Example Sentences :

1. There were three other people at the meeting beside Mr. Roy.

2. Besides being acquitted honourably, the accused have been awarded costs of the law suit.

3. Besides the ministers, the Prime Minister also attended the function.

Note :

BESIDE = by the side of
BESIDES = in addition to
The meanings of BESIDE & BESIDES should be carefully distinguished.
Notice that BESIDES and AS WELL AS both mean IN ADDITION TO.
Study the following sentences.
1. Yes. I have a cold as well as fever.
2. Is there anyone else besides my wife with a cold?
3. There are many books beside the books written by KALKI.
4. What else did you buy besides a hat?
5. Besides cricket balls and bat, he has purchased few candies.

BESIDE is a preposition that means AT THE SIDE OF or BY.

1. Who is the big blonde sitting beside Ram?
2. Do not go beside your friends, since they have wrong reputation.

BESIDES is both a preposition and adverb.

Besides, as a preposition, is used rather like AS WELL AS when we want to add new information to what is already known.

1. Besides English, we have to study general knowledge for I.A.S. Examinations.

2. Who was there at the party besides the Prime Minister and the opposition leader?

3. We have to invite our members and relatives besides The Chief Minister and few other ministers.

As an Adverb, BESIDES means also MOREOVER or AS WELL. It usually goes before a clause.

1. I don't like those shirts besides they are very expensive.
2. It's too late now. Besides, it is raining. We can't go out.
3. We will read all the books on the list and a few more books besides.
4. Besides making money, the company has few social responsibilities.
5. It is too late to go to cinema. Besides, you know how he hates movies.

Prepositions BESIDE and BESIDES


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