Prepositions IN and AT

Prepositions IN and AT :

IN : Preposition

IN shows a position. (With the names of countries, seas, tours and villages)

IN means not outside

1. They live in Delhi.
2. They live in the States.
3. We have to park our car in the garden.
4. They have placed the pen in their school.
5. It is where you will be in Chennai.
6. She has ordered a meal in this hotel.

AT : Preposition

AT shows a point in space.

1. We arrived at the airport.

Note :

IN is used with names of countries and large towns.
AT is often used when speaking of small towns and villages.

1. He lives at Mylapore in Chennai.
2. We are at Airport in Mumbai.
3. You have to be here at 4 pm today.
4. He was posted at Trichy in Tamil Nadu.
5. We park our car at this shop in Anna Nager.
6. She is purchasing at a Mall in Delhi.
7. He lives at Delhi in India.

1. She is in bed.
2. He is at the height of his glory.
3. The child ran to school.
4. The man jumped into the lake.

Note :

IN and AT used in speaking of things at rest.
TO and INTO are used in speaking of things in motion.

Prepositions IN and AT

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