Prepositions in Sentences

Prepositions in Sentences :

Study the following sentences.

1. The Governor was born at a small village in Malabar.

2. I began the work at seven in the morning.

3. The businessman ran into heavy debts.

4. He hanged himself with a piece of cloth.

5. I must start at early morning to reach the office in time.

6. The lady has been missing since yesterday.

7. I hope to finish the work within an hour.

8. He traveled five kilometers in two hours.

9. The madman rushed into my room with a dagger in hand.

10. I do not leave my house before 10 O'clock.

11. Human sacrifices are practiced by educated people also.

12. With milk, I have bread.

13. Come and sit beside me.

14. No one, except you, knows the truth.

15. He was killed by a terrorist with a hatchet.

16. Besides Abdul and Balsingh, there are three other players waiting.

17. Besides a Maruthi, he has a standard car.

18. I lived in Hong Kong for ten years.

19. I hope to begin the work from tomorrow.

20. The building was constructed by a famous architect who flourished in the sixteenth century.

Prepositions in Sentences

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