Prepositions in Sentences

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Prepositions in Sentences :

1. Children are fond of sweets.

2. She is good at music.

3. What are you laughing at?

4. The workers were under strike.

5. He is angry at his brother.

6. Are you tired of waiting?

7. He is suffering from typhoid.

8. The two countries are constantly at war.

9. She invited me for dinner.

10. I am grateful for your help.

11. He was absent from school yesterday.

12. She was proud of her son's achievement.

13. You aren't fit for the job.

14. My little sister is afraid of dogs.

15. He is in lunch now.

16. They are always quarrelling in public.

17. The whole house is on fire.

18. I pay the rent in advance.

19. He was ashamed of his rude behaviour.

20. I told him everything over telephone.

21. Are you interested in modem art?

22. I only said it for fun.

23. She wondered at my skill.

24. Is there a hospital close at hand.

25. I know the list by heart.

26. I have cut myself in accident.

27. We congratulated him for his performance.

28. The maid was accused of theft.

29. I prefer oranges over apples.

30. The boy broke the window in purpose.

Prepositions in Sentences

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