Prepositions in Sentences

Prepositions in Sentences :

I don't care about other people's problem.
CARE ABOUT = consider important

Would you care for a cup of tea?
CARE FOR = like, love, look after

I have to take a care of my children.
TAKE CARE OF : look after

1. I want not anyone's help.

2. I am not good at cooking.

3. I must congratulate you on your success in examinations.

4. Some one crashed into my van from behind.

5. Shall we go sailing? It depends on the weather.

6. I do not want to depend on anyone for financial help.

7. I am disgusted with the way I manage my financial affairs.

8. I am disgusted at Manu’s way of doing office works.

9. My wife never showed, if she was disappointed with me.

10. I am disappointed with my daughter's examination results.

11. I am disappointed at my daughter's examination results.

12. I am disappointed about my daughter's examination results.

13. The manager wanted to discuss some important matter with his assistant.

14. The discussion is about small savings.

15. The discussion centred on mobilization of deposit.

16. It is nice to have a discussion of philosophy when you are drunk.

17. I dreamt about Gods last night.

18. What does it mean if one dreams of plenty of money?

19. Sometimes I dream of running away to an unknown land.

20. Sometimes I think of running away to an unknown land.

21. I never dreamt of ugly things like this.

22. The land was divided into three zones. (Divided into – (not divided in))

23. Each of my sons is in a good position.

24. Some of my books are very much appreciated by intellectuals.

25. Music has no effect on me.

26. The personality of Jawaharlal Nehru had magnetic influence on me when I was young.

27. Can you explain this theory to me?

28. Can you explain to me why the earth goes round the sun?

29. I can't think of any explanation for what has happened.

30. I want an explanation of your behaviour.

31. When I got into my car this morning, I found the petrol tank empty.

32. We'll be getting off the bus in ten minutes.

33. Be polite to elders.

34. I was prevented from sleeping yesterday because of terrible noise.

35. Unless we get more funding, we'll be prevented from finishing our experiment programme.

36. I want proof of your performance.

37. Stop shouting at me.

38. My wife shouted to me to come in.

39. What is wrong with me?

Prepositions in Sentences

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