Prepositions indicating Agency

Prepositions indicating Agency :

Dutch auction is a public sale at which the price is gradually reduced until someone will pay it.

1. I am leaving this place.

2. I want my household things to be sold at auction.

3. It was sold at auction.

4. It was sold by auction.

5. They have put the contents of their house up for auction.

6. They sell fruits here by Dutch auction.

7. The company usually sends the parcels by post.

8. I was stunned by the fall.

9. The thief stunned the landlord by an unexpected blow on his head.

10. The Parliament building was totally destroyed by fire.

11. I had the message through a friend.

12. I usually cut the bread with a knife.

13. Mr. Tiwani was completely stunned by the verdict of the Supreme Court that it could not interfere with the decision of the chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

Prepositions indicating Agency

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