Prepositions indicating Purpose

Prepositions indicating Purpose :

1. All through his life, Mr. Gandhi laboured for the good of the humanity.

2. He died of yellow fever.

3. Mamallapuram is the very famous place for picnic.

4. Whatever is done is for the good of the family.

5. The President suffers from gout.

6. Because of very heavy work, the poor man died from sheer fatigue.

7. He is not amenable to reason.

8. He takes every decision from perversity.

9. The official party, which went to the forests to trace the robbers, retreated through fear of an ambush by them.

10. She concealed her affair with him through shame.

11. His lost his job through negligence.

12. Rush the child to the doctor. It shivers with fever.

13. I never take any medicines for cold.

Prepositions indicating Purpose

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