Prepositions indicating Relationship of Place

Prepositions indicating Relationship of Place :

Study the following sentences carefully. The prepositions indicate relationship of place.

stand by - to remain loyal to especially in a difficult situation
stand by - support
stand by - not desert
without - outside

1. I like to go about the world on foot.

2. The child ran across the road carefully.

3. Do not lean against the wall. It is wet with paint.

4. The banker fell among the thieves when he was traveling by road.

5. The robbers quarreled among themselves to share the booty.

6. I am waiting at death's door everyday.

7. The pole lies athwart the deck.

8. Do not stand before the door.

9. The players are standing behind the curtain.

10. Do look below the surface of water.

11. The stranger came and sat beside me.

12. This taxi flies between Mumbai and Pune.

13. He stood by me through thick and thin.

14. I come from Chennai.

15. The stars are in the sky.

16. Once, I fell into a ditch on my way back home.

17. The memory of my dear wife always lies near my heart.

18. Kumbakonam is on the bank of Cauvery.

19. The cliff hangs over the sea.

20. I have a programmed to tour round the world.

21. The army marched through the town.

22. I came to the end of the road at dawn.

23. By putting pen to paper, you begin to write.

24. The party traveled towards the city.

25. The book lay under the table.

26. The monkey climbed up the ladder.

27. The book lies upon the table.

28. I remained within the house all day.

29. The post stands without the gate.

30. The army is encamped without the city walls

Prepositions indicating Relationship of Place

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