Prepositions indicating Time

Prepositions indicating Time :

1. I have no programmed to die at all.

2. I propose to live eternally even after my death.

3. I want to be a millionaire at a very early date.

4. The Prime Minister arrived at the meeting place before the Chief Minister.

5. The train is very late.

6. The train is running behind time.

7. I will be arriving by three O'clock.

8. He was found sleeping, during the whole day.

9. I was living in utter penury for many years.

10. The financial year begins from 1st April of every year.

11. In the afternoon, I usually take rest.

12. He sat watching the TV far into the night.

13. The great poet and robber lived under the Moguls.

14. The function is to take place on Monday.

15. Pending further action, the officer was reinstated to the original post.

16. It has been raining since yesterday.

17. The quarrel lasted throughout the night.

18. The office functions from Monday through Saturday.

19. The reply has to wait till tomorrow.

20. The time is fifteen minutes to twelve.

21. The council meeting is towards evening.

22. Towards the end of the afternoon, it began to rain.

23. I can't afford to wait until his arrival.

24. The lark rises with the Sun.

25. I will make payment towards the loan with a month.

Prepositions indicating Time

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