Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of Time :

AT, IN & ON are called Prepositions of Time.

AT is used for indicating a PRECISE TIME.

IN is used for indicating MONTHS, YEARS, CENTURIES and LONG PERIODS.

ON is used for indicating DAYS and DATES.

1. My friend is coming to India in June of next year.

2. They are playing the match at 3 pm tomorrow.

3. We have to be there on 4th June next year.

4. The moon is visible at night.

5. We have to work at the night to make more money.

6. They will be with us at the forthcoming Diwali.

7. She is not in Chennai at present.

8. We came out of the college at the same year.

9. His birthday is on 7th June.

10. Do you work on Sundays?

11. Could you come here on the New Year’s Day?

12. There will be more sports-events in next year.

13. We will be here at 10 pm on every Monday in October.

14. The boys will be coming only in the next January.

15. You are supposed to make a visit to your father at the morning on every Monday in the days to come.

Prepositions of Time

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