Prepositions of Travel

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Prepositions of Travel :

We use by + noun (without THE or A / AN) to say how we travel.

1. We go by bus.
2. We go by car.
3. We go by bike.
4. We go by motorbike.
5. We go by train.
6. We go by plane.
7. We go by ship.
8. We go by air.
9. We go by sea.
10. We go by bicycle.

When we use A, THE & MY before car, bus & train, we cannot use by.

We use ON with a specific bike / motorbike, bus, train, plane or ship.

We use IN with a specific car, taxi, lorry or van.

1. I will go on my bike. (NOT : by my bike)
2. They travelled in Mr. Joshi's car.
3. We came on the 10.30 bus.
4. We say on foot.
5. We say on walking.
6. We went to the stadium on foot.
7. We walked to the stadium.

At the beginning of a journey we talk about getting in or into cars, taxis, lorries and vans. At the end of a journey we talk about getting out of them.

When we talk about bikes motorbikes, buses, trains, planes ships and boats, we use on / onto and off.

1. The passengers got into the car.
2. We paid the driver and got out of the taxi.
3. The boy ran and managed to get on the bus.
4. He jumped onto the train as it started.
5. I have to get off the bus at the next stop.
6. They got on the plane at 4.40.
7. We got off the train at Ahmednagar.

Indians often wrongly use IN with buses and trains.
Remember to use ON.

Wrong : We travelled in Sabari Express.

Right : We travelled on Sabari Express.

Prepositions of Travel

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