Prepositions ON and UPON

Prepositions ON and UPON :

ON and UPON - Prepositions

ON is often used in speaking of things at rest.

1. To show an event at a given time….
2. To shows contact with….
3. To show the position above….
4. To show location or proximity….
5. To show the source of….

UPON is used in speaking of things in motion.

Upon means up and on.

Example Sentences :

1. You have got mud on your shoes.
2. We acted upon your advice.
3. The dog jumped upon the table.
4. The old man sat on a chair.
5. The boy mounted upon the running horse and was happy.
6. They came here on the first of January – 2018.
7. The boy sat on the table to avoid viewing the sea.
8. The students submitted their projects on THERMODYNAMICS.
9. The pen is on the table.
10. There is a pimple on her pretty face.
11. Our house is on the third-main road.
12. He is on a yoga diet.
13. Have mercy on her.

Prepositions ON and UPON

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