Prepositions THAN and BUT

Prepositions THAN and BUT :

THAN – preposition

Meanings :

1. in comparison with

Example Sentences :

1. Pal is taller than me.
2. He arrives earlier than usual.
3. Socialism favours gradual rather than radical chance.
4. There were fewer than hundred people at the meeting.

BUT – preposition

Meanings :

1. other than
2. except

Example Sentences :

1. There is no one here but her.
2. What can we do but sit and wait.
3. His house is the last but one in this street.
4. What can I do but die.
5. None but the brave deserves the fair.

1. He meets her once a week.
2. Sugar is five rupees a kilogram.
3. My wages are fifty rupees a day. (A stands for the preposition FOR.)

Note :

In the above sentences, THAN, BUT and A are used as prepositions. THAN and BUT are usually used as conjunctions.

Prepositions THAN and BUT

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