Prepositions WITH and BY

Prepositions WITH and BY :

WITH : Preposition

1. in the presence or company of
2. near
3. beside
4. among

Example Sentences :

1. You eat it with a spoon.
2. What is wrong with you?
3. The grass was wet with rain.
4. He was shot with an arrow.
5. He was killed by a blow to the head with an axe.

BY : Preposition

Used especially with a passive verb to show the person or thing that performs an action or causes a result

Example Sentences :

1. The building was designed by a great architect.
2. It's not fair to judge people by their appearance.
3. She had two children by her first husband.
4. We are going to the school by bus.
5. We came to this city by 2 am.
6. Who is standing by you?

Note :

It may be noticed that….

WITH often denotes the instruments.
BY often denotes the agent.

Prepositions WITH and BY

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