Present Continuous Tense

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Present Continuous Tense :

We form the present continuous tense with am / is / are + -ing form.

In the negative NOT / N'T comes after am / is / are. In questions am / is / are comes before the subject.

Positive Sentences of this kind of Tense

1. I am walking.
2. He is walking.
3. She is walking.
4. It is walking.
5. They are walking.
6. You are walking.
7. We are walking.

Negative Sentences of this kind of Tense

1. I am not walking.
2. He is not walking.
3. She is not walking.
4. It is not walking.
5. They are not walking.
6. You are not walking.
7. We are not walking.

Interrogative Sentences of this kind of Tense

1. Am I walking?
2. Is he walking?
3. Is she walking?
4. Is it walking?
5. Are they walking?
6. Are you walking?
7. Are we walking?

Short forms of the verbs used in this kind of Tense

I am going.
I’m going.

He is going.
He’s going.

They are going.
They’re going.

He is not going.
He is n’t going.

Notice that the short form N’T is not used with am.

We say….I’m not working.
We do not say….I amn’t working.

This tense is sometimes called the present progressive.

Uses of this kind of Tense

The present continuous is mainly used for an action happening now. The action has started but it is not finished yet.

1. I am walking now.
2. She’s speaking on the phone at the moment.
3. I can’t hear. What is she saying?
4. It isn’t raining now.

We also use the present continuous to talk about something that is happening during this period of time but not necessarily at this exact moment.

He is writing a novel.
He has started the novel but has not finished yet.

Now he is at a meeting.
He is making a speech at this moment.

We are walking along the road.
We are constructing a college.

I am taking a course in Robotics.
Perhaps he is not taking the course exactly at the moment of speaking.

Don’t take that book. My brother is reading it.
I am going to the office by bus this week.
My car is giving trouble.

The following time expressions can be used with this tense.

1. Now
2. At The Moment
3. At This Moment
4. Today
5. This Morning
6. This Afternoon
7. This Week
8. This Month

This tense can also be used for something arranged to happen in the future.

1. He is playing tennis this afternoon.
2. My father is coming tomorrow.
3. They are telecasting a good film on Channel 9 tonight.
4. When are you visiting your mother?

Present Continuous Tense

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