Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense :

This tense is used ro indicate completed activities in the immediate past.

1. She has just gone out.
2. It has just struck nine.
3. He has just eaten his meals.
4. You have just spoken those words.
5. We have opened the letter.

This tense is used to express past actions whose time is not given and not definite.

1. Have you read, Nehru's Autobiography?
2. I have never known my wife to be angry.
3. Mr. Rajan has been to Kolkata.
4. We have gone to Delhi several times.
5. My sisters have gathered more stamps of various countries.

This tense is used to describe past events when we think more of their effect in the present than of the action itself.

1. Sridhar has eaten all the cakes. There aren't any left for you.
2. She has cut her finger and it is bleeding now.
3. I have come to see you.
4. We have been here for the past two days.
5. Sonia has finished her work. Now she is free.

This tense is used to denote an action beginning at sometime in the past and continuing up to the present moment.

1. She has known me for a long time.
2. My wife has been ill since last week.
3. We have lived here for five years.
4. We haven't seen Praveen for many months.
5. I have always liked courageous men.
6. I have studied human psychology all my life.
7. We have known each other for a long time.
8. She has worked here since 1978.
9. She has worked here for ten years.
10. I have already given him some money.

The following adverbs (or adverb phrases) can be used with the present perfect.

1. Just : He has just completed this project.
2. Ever : Ever I have finished the work, I am free.
3. Often : I have gone there quite often.
4. So far : They have come here five times so far.
5. Never : You have never applied to this university.
6. To be now (in questions only)
7. Yet (in negatives and questions)
8. Already
9. Since (phrase)
10. Far (phrase)
11. Today
12. This week
13. This month

Note : The present perfect is never used with adverbs of past time.

1. He went to Delhi yesterday.
2. He has gone to Delhi yesterday. (Not correct)

Present Perfect Tense

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