Present Perfect Tense with JUST

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Present Perfect Tense with JUST :

Present perfect tense with just, already, yet, ever and never.

1. He has just gone out.
2. I have just had tea.
3. She has just phoned him.
4. They have just gone out.
5. I have just singed off the letter.

6. You have just come.
7. We have just paid the fees.
8. The train has already arrived.
9. We have already had lunch.
10. I have already emailed the form.
11. We have already paid the fees.
12. You have already come.
13. I have already made a phone call to him.

14. Have you finished your work yet?
15. I lave you read the newspaper yet?
16. Has he got up yet?
17. Have you paid yet?
18. I have not yet paid the fees.
19. They have not yet come.

20. Have you ever seen a ghost?
21. Has Uma ever been absent from school?
22. Have you ever been to Singapore?
23. Have they ever been there in Chennai?
24. Has he gone to Chennai?
25. Has it travelled to space?

26. We have never visited the Taj.
27. She has never talked to me.
28. I have never eaten Chinese food.
29. I have never travelled to Chennai.
30. They have never seen any picture in Trichy.

Present Perfect Tense with JUST

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