Principal Parts of A Verb

Principal Parts of A Verb :

In addition to their basic forms, English verbs have four other forms. The other principle parts may be listed in English language dictionaries according to their irregularity. In this website, we provide the other four principal parts for all verbs in an order.

In the case of the verb ACCEPT,

Accepts : the third person singular present tense
Accepting : the present participle or ING form
Accepted : the past tense or ED form
Accepted : the past participle

The third person singular present (the HE, SHE or IT) form is made by adding S or ES to the simple fotrm.

He accepts.
She accepts.
It accepts.

Since this change is not difficult for the native speakers, the form is included in dictionaries only when the correct spelling is not obvious.

The present participle or ING form also poses little problem for the native speakers and it too rarely occurs in dictionaries.

The simple past is usually formed by adding to the basic form ED after a consonant and D after a vowel. Verbs that form their past tense in this way are considered regular verbs

The past participle for regular verbs and the past tense for regular verbs are the one and the same. Some English verbs have alternate forms for the past tense and/or the past participle.


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Principal Parts of A Verb

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