Prize Distribution Function

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Prize Distribution Function :

Annual Prize Distribution Function is an important and great event in the school. It comes once in a year like birthday. This function is really very attractive and praiseworthy. It is eagerly awaited by the students, the staff and the parents. Some schools have their own function hall (auditorium) and others put big pandal. Usually, the parents and students and some invitees attend the function. The parents of the students who are winners in the competitions would feel very happy.

There are some common things in every school or college. The school building is decorated with colourful flags and buntings. The centre of attraction is the stage. The stage arrangement is very important and it requires cleverness and good management of the stage. The success of the function is due to the perfect stage management. This is the only thing that shows the efficiency of the organisation. The seating arrangement, arranging prize items properly according to the list of winners and handing over the prize to the chief guest are some of the things that require proper care and efficiency.

Another important thing about the function is that the prize winners of both literary and sports events should be seated in front of the stage according to the list. As soon as the announcement is made the winner must come to the stage without delay to receive the prize. If he is somewhere else, it takes longer time to come to the stage and it will test the patience of the guests and audience. This function brings joy to the parents and students. This is the time for the growth of relationship between the teachers and parents.

Some schools have maintained some principles with regard to the item of prize. For literary competitions books are presented to the students. Cups are presented for sports and games. Usually after the prize distribution the chief guest will address the audience. He stresses the importance of literary and sports activities. All-round development of student is possible only when the student takes part in these activities.

After the national anthem, the function will come to an end. In the evening, there will be cultural programmes like light music, group dance and songs, fancy-dress and dramas. These programmes bring joy and happiness for both the audience and performers.

Prize Distribution Function

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