Problems of Over-Population

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Problems of Over-Population :

The greatest problem of India is population explosion. So runs the arguments in most text books on social science. Population of India crossed the one billion mark at the start of the twenty-first century-to become the second largest, after China. The total stood at 1027 Millions on March 1 - 2001. World population in 2001 is estimated at 6134 millions. The 6 Billion mark was reached on October 12 - 1999. The peculiar thing about the growth rate is this. Fastest growth of population can be seen in the poorest countries. These countries and the regions are sub-Saharan Africa, parts of South Asia and West Asia. Asia with 3720.7 millions stands first. Africa with 812.6 million stands second. Europe with 726.3 millions stands third.

This population explosion is due to so many causes. Health care, medical facilities and medicines have brought down the death rate. The climate and food also play a dominant role in increasing population. The tropical regions and rice consuming countries have more people than other areas. In many developing countries people still believe that children are the gift of God. There are certain religions which propagate the idea of replenishing the earth with more and more children. Adding to this there are some castes which prefer a male child. Among the poor and the slum dwellers, birth rate is high. In certain castes a man can have as many wives as he wants. No limit. Imagine the total number of children of a person having four wives. The other reason is the lack of awareness, among the people of their role in the nation’s growth. Poverty and illiteracy also bring up the growth rate.

Problems of Over-Population

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