Question Tags and Short Questions

Question Tags and Short Questions :

It is a common practice in conversation to make a statement and ask for confirmation.

It’s very cold. Isn’t it?

The later part (ISN'T IT?) is called a question tag.

The pattern is…..

(i) auxiliary + n't + subject (if the statement is positive)
(ii) auxiliary + subject (if the statement is negative)

Note : The subject of a question tag is always a pronoun….never a noun.

Gandhi is a good film.
Yes. It is.

Mohana has already come.
So she has.

She can speak English very well.
Of course she can.

The man looks dishonest.
Yes. he does.

Agreements with affirmative statements are made with yes / so / of course.

The pattern is…..

Yes + pronoun + auxiliary
So + pronoun + auxiliary
Of course + pronoun + auxiliary

The fruits aren't good.
No. They aren't.

He doesn't like vegetarian food.
No. He doesn't.

She can't help smoking.
No. She can't.

The boys haven't done well.
No. They haven't.

Note : The pattern is…..

No + Pronoun + auxiliary + n't / not

Agreements with negative statements are made with….

No + Pronoun + auxiliary + n't / not

You can't understand it.
Yes. I can.

She won't go again.
But she will.

You don't know her.
Oh! yes. I do.

I didn't hurt her.
Oh! but you did.

Note : Disagreements with negative statements are made with (oh) yes / oh / but + pronoun + auxiliary.

The structure is…..

Oh! Yes / Oh! But + pronoun + auxiliary

My daughter likes music.
So do I.

You must come here.
So must she.

He was late for the meeting.
So were you.

I've finished my day's work.
So has my brother.

Note : The structure is…..

So + auxiliary + subject

Affirmative additions to affirmative remarks are with…..

So + auxiliary + subject

Suresh doesn't like milk.
Nor do I.

She didn't believe it.
Neither did I.

I can't work out the problem.
Nor can my mother.

Sam wasn't here.
Neither was Pal.

Note : The structure is….

Nor / Neither / + auxiliary + subject

Negative additions to negative remarks are made with….

Nor / Neither / + auxiliary + subject

She knows English.
But I don't.

- _ I understood his sarcastic remarks.
But Mani didn’t.

She knows how to work out problems.
But her husband doesn't.

I can play tennis.
But my sister can't.

Note : The structure is……

But + subject + auxiliary + n't / not

Negative additions to affirmative remarks are made with…..

But + subject + auxiliary + n't / not

She doesn't know Mani.
But I do.

I didn't see the picture.
But my wife did.

She can't do cooking.
But I can.

He wasn't late.
But you were.

Example Sentences - Question Tags and Short Questions :

They hadn't flown before. Had they?
No. They hadn't.

You won't forget to buy some fruit. Will you?
No. I won't.

Few people like him. Do they?
No. They don't.

Everyone was pleased. Weren’t they?
Yes. They were.

Be early. Won’t you?
We will.

Be sensible. Can't you?
I will.

He couldn't hear you. Did he?
No. He couldn't.

Your son has been working too hard. Hasn’t he?
Yes. He has.

Write as soon as you get there. Will you?
All right. We will.

We shall have time to finish it. Shall we?
Yes. We shall.

Question Tags and Short Questions

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