Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension :

Comprehension means the understanding of a given passage. A passage and questions based on it are given. The students are asked to answer those questions after reading the passage in their own words. It is very useful form exercise in English composition. It is set to test the ability, intelligence and language of the students.

Points to remember….

1) Read the passage till you understand it clearly. Do not worry about the time you may get the general idea of the passage.

2) Read again slowly so that you know the details.

3) Then study the questions. Find out the relevant portions of the passage. Rewrite then in your own words clearly. Write in complete sentences.

Some students divide the passage according to the number of questions and write the parts as answers. It is very bad and the examiners strike out the whole answer and give a big.

4) Follow the same tense of the questions i.e. your Answer must also be in the same tense.

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Reading Comprehension

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