Relative Adverbs

Relative Adverbs :

(a) I know a wood where you can take complete.
(b) Show me the fort where Akbar was born.
(c) This is the place where I work.
(d) I told him where to he had put it.
(e) The crisis has reached a point where the receiver will have to be called in.

WHERE is an Adverb. It functions like a relative pronoun here. It relates or refers back to its antecedent. WHERE is called relative adverb.

Relative Adverb….Antecedent

1. where….wood
2. where….fort
3. where….place
4. where….place
5. where….point

Study the following.

(a) That was the reason why I had come here.
(b) I do not know the time when I will die.
(c) Can you suggest a time when it will be convenient to drive him not.
(d) Is there an urgency why you should have a holiday?
(e) They asked him the cause why did he do it?
(f) Why didhe do it?
(g) She will tell us the time when we are to open it.

Relative Adverb….Antecedent

(a) why….reason
(b) when….time
(c) when….time
(d) why….urgency
(e) why….cause
(f) when….time

One relative adverb may be carefully studied in the above sentences.

Relative Adverbs

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