Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns :

Relative Pronouns connect two statements by replacing the noun.

For example :

This is the house. My uncle bought this house.
This is the house which my uncle bought.

In the above sentence, the word WHICH has replaced the words THIS HOUSE in the second sentence. Such words are known as relative pronouns.

a. The girl, whose father is a teacher, is my best friend.
b. That house, which you just saw, belongs to my father.
c. That man, whose right leg was amputated, suffers from high blood pressure.
d. The thief, whom they caught, was sent to the prison.
e. Our friends, whom we invited to the party, arrived late.
f. The boy, who broke the mirror, was scolded by his father.
g. That is my uncle whose scooter was stolen.
h. That woman, whom you saw, was my aunt.
i. Kangaroos, which use their pouch to carry their babies, are found in Australia.
j. The policeman, who caught the thief, is a very brave man.

Relative Pronouns

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