Remedies for Over-Population

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Remedies for Over-Population :

The population explosion should be stopped at any cost. A permanent remedy of solving this problem will help the nation to progress. Family planning programme should be made compulsory to all sections of the people. The illiterate people should be educated to become aware of the fact that small families can enjoy greater comforts of life. The people should be aware of the population growth as the danger signal. The population education should be given to the young and old. We must and should find a permanent solution of solving this burning problem of the country. Population explosion causes environmental pollution, poverty, unemployment, housing problem, water and power shortage.

We cannot achieve any kind of progress in rural areas also because there is not enough land for agriculture. Due to lack of irrigation facilities and rain, the rural folks migrate to urban areas. This further increases the already existing problems of cities. So the time has come now to do some sincere and honest work to control this growth.

Remedies for Over-Population

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