Remiss :

Remiss : (adjective)

Meanings :

1. careless about duty

2. showing lack of care or attention

Example Sentences :

1. He has been remiss in his work.

2. It was remiss of her to answer your letter.

3. They have been very remiss in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

4. It was remiss of me to forget to pay my bills.

5. It was remiss of him to forget his wife’s birthday.

6. No official ought to be remiss in his / her duties.

7. I have been very remiss in writing to my father.

8. It has been regular in my life to remain remiss of myself to forget to write to you.

9. The cause of the traffic accident is remiss of the drivers of both the vehicles.

10. It was totally remiss of me not to answer his letter in time.



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