Repetition of The Article

Repetition of The Article :

Study the following sentences.

(i) I have a black and white cat. (One cat with black and white colour)

(ii) I have a black and a white cat.

(Two cats - one black cat and another white cat)

(iii) The manager and cashier has gone out.

(One person - the post is held by one person – office of manager and cashier) (Ram is the manager and cashier.) (or) (The Manager and Cashier is Ram.)

(iv) The Manager and the Cashier have absconded.

There are two persons. One is Manager and the other is Cashier.

(v) A. Ramasamy Mudhaliar was a great orator and statesman.

A great orator and statesman refers to one person - A. Ramasamy Mudhaliar.

Repetition of The Article

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