Rewrite Complex Sentences as Compound Sentences

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Rewrite Complex Sentences as Compound Sentences :

Rewrite the following complex sentences as compound sentences.

1. If you ring the bell, the servant will come.

2. Though I don’t know her very well, I like her very much.

3. As this book is written in simple English, it is suitable for beginners.

4. If you don’t stop talking you will have to leave the room.

5. Unless we arrive in time we won’t be admitted into the theatre.

6. We went home as there was nothing to do.

7. You make so many mistakes because you work too fast.

8. As I was tired out after my long walk, I went to bed early.

9. Unless you hurry up you will miss the train.

10. If you listen carefully you w ill understand.

11. I am certain that she saw me yesterday.

12. Though Aruna did well at college, she can’t find a job.

13. Since I haven’t much money, I can’t buy it.

14. As soon as I bought the book, he borrowed it from me.

15. He ran so quickly that I couldn’t catch him.

Rewrite Complex Sentences as Compound Sentences

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