Rewrite in Direct Speech

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Rewrite in Direct Speech :

1. Mohan said he was going to Patna.

2. She asked the boy what he was doing.

3. She told her children to be quiet.

4. Anil asked whether he might borrow my bicycle.

5. The teacher advised me to improve my spelling.

6. I asked Pratap which of the novels he liked best.

7. He told his servant to clean the table.

8. He asked where I had put his umbrella.

9. The old man requested me to help him up the stairs.

10. The teacher warned Kishore that he would report the matter to the Principal if he misbehaved again.

11. He advised me to wear a sweater as it was very cold out.

12. I asked whether he would come to tea the following Sunday.

13. He asked whether 1 knew Mr. N.P. Singh’s address. I replied I didn’t.

14. She asked if I would have time to attend the meeting and I said that I would.

15. Suresh said he had won the race and I congratulated him.

Rewrite in Direct Speech

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