Rewrite in Indirect Speech

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Rewrite in Indirect Speech :

Rewrite the following story in indirect speech.

Three lazy boys, Tom, Dick and Harry, were lying in the sun at the roadside when an old man came along slowly. “How lazy you look!” said the old man. “Which of you is the laziest? I will give him a ten rupee note.” Tom at once jumped up and said, “I am the laziest here. Give the money to me.” “No, no,” said the man; “you are far too active.” “Give it to me, then,” said Dick, sitting up. “I am the laziest.” “I don't think you are,” said the man. “Put it in my pocket,” said Harry, not moving an inch. The man put the ten-rupee note in Harry’s pocket. “Yes,” “he said; “you are indeed the laziest fellow I ever met.”

Rewrite in Indirect Speech

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