Right Eye of Abdul Karim

Right Eye of Abdul Karim :

Birbal had a habit of chewing tobacco. Once as he was passing by the royal palace chewing some tobacco, he spat out. The spit left a mark on the palace wall. Abdul Karim, a jealous courtier was watching this. He was blind of one eye which gave him a sinister look.

Abdul Karim ran to King Akbar’s chamber and complained, “Your Majesty, I saw Birbal spitting on a palace wall after chewing tobacco. Do you think it is right?”

King Akbar grew furious when he heard it. He sent for Birbal.

As soon as Birbal arrived, King Akbar said, “Birbal, you are an intelligent man. There is no harm in chewing tobacco. But you should spit it out in a vacant and useless spot.”

Birbal apologised and promised to do so the next time round.

Next day Birbal arrived in the court. He was chewing tobacco. Abdul Karim kept watching him. He was sure that Birbal would spit on a wall in the royal court and he would then insult Birbal to his heart’s content. But Birbal turned around and spat into Abdul Karim’s right eye. Abdul Karim became furious.

He screamed, “Your Majesty, look what Birbal has done. He has spat right into my eye.”

“Birbal, why did you do that?”

“Your Majesty, you had asked me to always spit in a vacant and useless spot. As Abdul Karim’s right eye is blind, it is a vacant and useless spot. Isn’t that so?”

King Akbar burst out laughing. Abdul Karim understood that he had been given a fitting reply.

Right Eye of Abdul Karim

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