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Right Sentences :

Correct the following sentences.

1. He is having a car.
2. When have you seen Suresh?
3. How long are you wearing glasses?
4. I have seen the film last night.
5. I am hearing a strange noise.
6. My father is going for a walk every evening.
7. He is working here since 2006.
8. 1 will come if I will be free.
9. The soup is tasting good.
10. Turn off the light before you will go to sleep.
11. I wish I am rich.
12. The factory is belonging to my uncle.
13. I have ordered for three copies.
14. Padma told to me the news.
15. I want that you should apply for the job.
16. He could swim halfway before he drowned.
17. She told that she was going to the market.
18. She enjoys to swim.
19. The teacher made the boys to sweep the classroom.
20. He described about his journey.
21. He laid in bed till 7.30.
22. We are awaiting for his arrival.
23. Telugu is called as the Italian of the East.
24. I don't like to discuss about it now.
25. The criminal was hung.
26. While going to the market, a hundred-rupee note was found.
27. We reached there at 8 p.m.
28. I have passed the exam two years ago.
29. She accepted to come with me.
30. May I request for your advice?
31. They robbed her handbag.
32. The doorbell is ringing for over five minutes.
33. If I will go to Kolkata I will see my uncle.
34. I suggest you to read this book.
35. I didn’t attend to the meeting.
36. Riding my bicycle, a dog chased me.
37. Don’t enter into the garden!
38. He has met with an accident at eight in the morning.
39. I could read that book in two hours yesterday.
40. I wouldn't do that if I am you.
41. It is time we start.
42. I will ring you up as soon as she will come.

Right Sentences

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