Sample Formal Letter

Sample Formal Letter :

Let us now see how the letter written on the topic mentioned earlier would be….

B – 76 : Vandana Complex,
Guru Garh Extension,
New Delhi-110 001

10th August, 2013

The Manager,
Happy Tours and Travels,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi-110 001

Subject : Dissatisfaction over package tour

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I am quite unhappy with the way in which your company conducted the trip to Kerala. I had gone on this group trip from 20th July - 2013 to 4th August – 2013 accompanied by Mr. Ganesan. Your company brochure had promised me a ‘hassle free’ trip, but, in fact, from the very first day the trip was full of hassles!

The vehicle that picked me and my family from our house was late. As a result we had to miss our scheduled flight and had to wait at the airport for three hours before we could be accommodated on another flight. The driver kept blaming the traffic. But my question remains that when he knew the problems of traffic jams in our city, why couldn’t he have started earlier. When we arrived at the Thiruvananthapuram airport, there was no one to receive us as the bus that was arranged by your company had already left with the rest of the group for the hotel. I had to make my own arrangements to join the group. I am sorry to say that the tour guide you have chosen, Mr. Ganesan, too does not know his job very well. He may be a local from the area, but he doesn’t know anything about the wonderful history of the lovely state of Kerala. My children, who are studying about Kerala in their school, are better informed than he is and were constantly correcting or adding to the information that he was giving about the various sites we visited.

Another area of dissatisfaction was the food. When you know that the group is a cosmopolitan one, you should make sure that a variety of food is offered to us. We had to eat only South Indian food, which is good, but can be quite spicy. This led to severe digestion problems for my wife.

On the whole, the trip was a very unsatisfactory one. Your company is a very well-known one and one that is known for well-planned tours. What happened to the trip that I went on?

I would like to offer some suggestions. Firstly let your office be in constant touch with its vehicles in order to see that the pick-up and drop to our destinations are smooth. Secondly, please conduct regular quality checks for your staff and the hotels that you have tie-ups with. Also, please have regular feedback from your customers so that you are aware of the problems.

I hope that you will do the needful to ensure such mistakes do not occur in the future. Otherwise, the company that you have built with so much effort will lose all its customers due to sheer negligence on your part. I hope that you will get back to me regarding the problems that I faced.

Yours Faithfully

Laspal Kapoor

Sample Formal Letter

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