Sample Sentences with Adverb Clause

Sample Sentences with Adverb Clause :

1. He will succeed, because he has worked hard.

2. Men work that they may earn a living.

3. He threatened to beat him unless he confessed.

4. He was always honest, though he was poor.

5. This is not true, so far as I can tell.

6. He likes you as much as I do.

7. Since there's no help, come let us kiss and part.

8. He tried for a long time before he succeeded.

9. So terrible was the earthquake that the whole city was destroyed.

10. As it was raining, they decided to stay at home.

11. He walked with care, lest he should stumble.

12. I agree to this, provided you sign your name.

13. Though I do not like him, I will try to help him.

14. He returned home after he had finished the work.

15. Test a friend before you trust him.

16. When the cat's away, the mice will play.

17. He persevered so steadily that he succeeded at last.

18. I will forgive this man who has been well punished already.

19. He sees very well, considering that he is eighty years of age.

20. I gave him a prize so that he might work harder next year.

21. They died that we might live.

22. However rich he may get, he will never be contented.

23. As the tree falls, so will it lie.

24. Do not be wasteful, lest you come to poverty.

25. No sooner did this idea enter her head than she carried it out.

26. He felt as if the ground were slipping beneath his feet.

27. The sun will rise every day as long as the world lasts.

28. She was as gentle as a dove.

29. Murder, though it has no tongue, will yet speak.

30. Unless you leave the house at once, I will send for a policeman.

31. Forgive us as we forgive our enemies.

32. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

33. Enough is as good as a feast.

34. Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. (Milton)

35. I do but sing because I must. (Tennyson)

In analyzing a Complex Sentence, first find out the Principal or Main Clause. Then find out the Subordinate Clause or Clauses. Lastly classify the Subordinate Clauses according to the function hey discharge…that is, state whether a Subordinate Clause is a Noun Clause, an Adjective Clause or an Adverb.

Sample Sentences with Adverb Clause :

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