Sample Sentences with Clauses

Sample Sentences with Clauses :

1. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
2. Where there is a will there is a way.
3. If I make a promise I keep it.
4. God helps those who help themselves.
5. Make hay while the sun shines.
6. No one knows why she came here.
7. The reason why she failed is obvious.
8. They never fail who die in a great cause.
9. Strike while the iron is hot.
10. I do not know when she will return.
11. This is the place where he was shot dead.
12. She will certainly help you if she can.
13. He that is down needs fear no fall.
14. Since you say so I must believe it.
15. When he entered the room he found her lying on the floor.
16. You will always regret the day when you took this step.
17. They live where the climate is good.
18. We know the place where the climate is good.
19. Do you know where the climate is good?
20. Why he failed in the exam is not known.
21. We heard that he succeeded.
22. I know when she will arrive.
23. We all praise a man who is courageous.
24. After he returned, we asked him many questions.
25. The cane which has a carved head is mine.
26. After the sun is set, we returned home.
27. Why the project failed is no fault of yours.
28. Although he did his best, he failed in the examination.
29. He sentenced the murderer that he be hanged.


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  4. The Structure of Sentences
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  6. A Clause and A Phrase
  7. The Noun Clause
  8. The Adjective Clause
  9. The Adverb Clause
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  11. Adjective Clauses
  12. Noun Clauses
  13. Three Kinds of Clauses
  14. Sample Sentences with Clauses
  15. Simple Sentences ( Simple Sentence )
  16. Double Sentences
  17. Multiple Sentences
  18. Complex Sentences
  19. Attributive Adjuncts
  20. The Predicate
  21. Adverbial Adjuncts to Verb of Predicate
  22. Analysis of Sentences
  23. Contracted Sentences
  24. Analysis of Double Sentences
  25. Analysis of Multiple Sentences
  26. Rules for Analysing Double Sentences
  27. Rules for Analysing Multiple Sentences
  28. Analysis of Complex Sentences
  29. The Complex Sentences
  30. Analysis of Multiple Sentence
  31. The Transformation of Sentences
  32. Modes of Expressing A Condition in English Grammar
  33. Modes of Expressing A Concessional Clause
  34. Modes of Expressing A Contrasting Clause
  35. Interchange of Degrees of Comparison
  36. Synthesis of Sentences - 1
  37. Synthesis of Sentences - 2
  38. Synthesis of Sentences - 3
  39. The Principal Clause
  40. The Dependent Clause
  41. Verb in The Dependent Clause
  42. Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
  43. Kinds of Sentences
  44. Direct and Indirect Speech
  45. A Sentence without E
  46. Parsed Sentence

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