Sample Sentences with Noun Clause

Sample Sentences with Noun Clause :

1. No one knows when he will come or whether he will come at all or whether he is even alive.

2. How this came to pass is not known to anyone.

3. It is quite evident that rain will fall today.

4. What is one man's meat is another man's poison.

5. You must know that the air is never quite at rest.

6. I think that I shall never clearly understand this.

7. We heard that the school would open in ten days' time.

8. The rumour that he has resigned is baseless.

9. Even a feather shows which way the wind is blowing.

10. It is a pity that you did that.

11. What we can do about it I do not know.

12. He did not know that his father had recovered.

13. Their first request is that they should be allowed to return.

14. Tell me who she is, where she lives and why she has come here.

15. The question is whether he will help us or not.

16. We all suspected that he was lying to us.

17. We cannot rely on what he says.

18. It is quite evident that you have made a mistake.

19. It was very unfortunate that you were taken ill.

20. He was a man of fine character except that he was rather timid.

Sample Sentences with Noun Clause :

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