Sample Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

Sample Sentences with Prepositional Phrases :

1. I acquit you of all complicity of that crime.

2. I was horrified by the sight.

3. He did not die by cholera.

4. This shopkeeper deals with grain, but he did not deal honestly with me.

5. You will have to answer to me for your misconduct.

6. Forty students competed with one another for a single scholarship.

7. I must consult with you for that matter shortly.

8. Will you entrust me with that letter? No, I will entrust nothing to you.

9. Always be prepared for the worst.

10. I prevailed upon him to make the attempt.

11. But he could not prevail upon his adversary.

12. I rejoiced not only in my own success, but in yours.

13. We must provide to our children for a rainy day.

14. Some men stop for nothing to gain their ends.

15. Why do you stare me at the face? It is bad manners to stare at anyone in that way.

16. The ship touched with Gibraltar.

17. He touched upon the subject of tides.

18. He supplied money to the men and they supplied his horses with fodder.

19. He could smile off their threats, for fortune continued to smile at him.

20. Do not live in riches. Live in honest labour and if you have to live with a small income, live within your means.

21. He once put me to an obligation.

22. I inquired about him on that matter.

23. A man with honour will adhere to his convictions.

24. Aim at doing your duty with all risks.

25. He had a great affection towards his parents.

26. He had no taste for hard work and was not attentive at his studies.

27. One man complained about the magistrate's dishonesty. Another brought a complaint about some debt.

28. When you attend school, attend to your studies.

29. What has been the cause of your idleness hitherto? Surely there was no just cause but such laziness.

30. He took advantage of my ignorance, but he gained no real advantage of me in the end.

31. I am vexed with him for what he has done.

32. Whatever you decide for, stick to it and do your best with difficulties.

33. He was deprived of that very thing at which he delighted most.

34. I disapprove of your way of working and must therefore dispense with your services.

35. A blind man cannot distinguish light from darkness.

36. Death does not distinguish between rich and poor.

37. I can divide this apple into two persons, but it is too small to be divided into forty, for it cannot be divided into forty parts.

38. Dissuade him from this folly, if you can, but I fear he is weak in his head.

39. I will have nothing to do with a man who tries to domineer at everyone.

40. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams are.

41. I am reconciled with my opponent, but not with my losses.

42. He was disqualified from the post on account of age, but he was not disqualified from competing for a diploma.

43. A young man should be for his guard against bad company and beware of falling into their evil ways.

44. Let us inquire about the danger and be ready for the evil day.

45. I wish to deal fairly with him.

46. My relations with him are now quite friendly.

47. Did you beg pardon from the teacher?

48. I cannot agree with you in this matter.

49. Therefore I do not agree with your proposal.

50. He is invested in full authority from me to invest my money in that business.

51. You must apologies to him for what you have done.

52. You will have to answer to your master for that mistake.

53. You can appeal to a higher court and apply for a fresh trial.

54. A drowning man will catch at a straw.

55. Do not complain of your lot.

56. Be content with what you have already.

57. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

58. They brought a complaint to the magistrate against their neighbour.

59. The magistrate complied with their request and issued a summons to him.

60. The court sentenced him to six months' imprisonment for theft.

61. You cannot compete with a man who is superior to yourself by resources.

62. That trader deals with cotton goods.

63. That trader there has dealt fairly with his customers.

64. I have no influence with that man.

65. Therefore my advice has no influence over his actions.


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Sample Sentences with Prepositional Phrases :

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