Sample Sentences with
Suitable Articles

Sample Sentences with Suitable Articles :

Study the following sentences.

(1) I want an honourable settlement of the dispute.

(2) Will the honourable member please answer the question?

(3) He holds an honours degree.

(4) It is the highest building in the city.

(5) Give me your honest opinion.

(6) I want to make an honest living.

(7) The Cars in that garage belong to the girls living next door.

(8) Society turns people into criminals and then locks them up.

(9) Man has just taken his first step into space.

(10) Most birds can fly.

(11) I'd like to learn the guitar.

(12) A sailor is a man who works in ships.

(13) He has an unhealthy obsession with death.

(14) She was born in France during the German occupation.

(15) She felt that her family was an obstacle to her work.

(16) The commander sent a unit of cavalry out to investigate.

(17) The air-conditioning system maintains a uniform temperature throughout the building.

(18) The use of water is being restricted during the draught.

(19) The Indian Cricket team scored quite a useful total.

(20) The Union Government has done a U-turn on economic policy.

(21) He is a wonder, the way he arranges everything.

(22) She's over 50 but has a youthful complexion.

(23) I bought a horse, an ox and a buffalo.

(24) A man came up to a policeman and asked him a question. The policeman didn't understand the question. So he asked the man to repeat it.

(25) He is in prison as a prisoner.

(26) He is in the prison perhaps as a visitor.

Sample Sentences with Suitable Articles

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