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Sample Sentences :

1. Make a visit to your city.
2. Turn off the TV.
3. There is somebody on the phone for you.
4. What a clever girl you are!
5. What did you buy?
6. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka.
7. How did you get there?
8. How tall you have grown!
9. Don’t shout.
10. Wasted time never returns.
11. We never went to Mumbai.
12. They are my brothers.
13. You will be in position to come here.
14. Have you got any blank videos?
15. Open the gate.
16. Have you opened the gate?
17. He has opened the gate.
18. I low noisily he has opened the gate.
19. Do you come from Nepal?
20. Ask at the information desk.
21. What a strange idea!
22. What is your idea about this book?
23. An ant can lift 50 times its own weight.
24. Show me your ticket.
25. Hard work is the key to success.

Sample Sentences

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