Sarcasm : Figure of Speech

Sarcasm : Figure of Speech :

A statement is sometimes made more emphatic by the use of words connoting the opposite of what is really intended. This constitutes Irony.

Thus Cordell speaks ironically of her unnatural sisters as….the jewels of our father.

Similarly, Antony in his speech to the Roman crowd makes repeated reference to Brutus and the other conspirators against Caesar as honourable men.

I fear I wrong the honourable men,
whose daggers have stabbed Caesar.

Yet Brutus says he was ambitious
And Brutus is an honourable man.

In Sarcasm the attack is not veiled in words as in Irony. The author says what he means but in such a way as to imply ridicule, censure, disapproval or contempt.
A being erect upon two legs and
Bearing the semblance of a man.

We Christians have just enough religion to make us hate,
But not enough to make us love each other

Sarcasm : Figure of Speech

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