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School Essays :

All over the entire world, the schools ask their students belonging to all standards and grades to write essays. This is done with the twin objectives of testing the improvements of the students in their understanding level of English Grammar skills and composition skills. Writing essays on various topics will give the students a better command over their English Language Skills. The students are advised to follow a particular pattern in writing an essay. First of all the students have to design their essays. Every essay in general, school essays in particular, has three parts - Introduction, Supporting Points (Body of the essays) and the Conclusion.

In the introduction part, the author (the student) has to give a brief intro to the topic of the essay. The introduction will tell about the nature of the essay and what body part of the essay will be. Then the body of the essays should point out the supporting points to support the core theme of the essay. In case, if there are points to counter the negative-points of the essay, those points can be mentioned in this body of the essay.

The body of the essays can be mentioned in two or three paragraphs. The number of words within which the student is asked to complete the essay should not be exceeded. The length of the essay should be kept in mind. AN essay which goes beyond the required length will only spoil the beauty of the essay. So, the students are required to practice to complete their essays within the number of words beyond which essays is not expected to exceed.

Then comes the conclusion. Here the students have to wind up the essay by summarizing the major points and making the final synopsis in few sentences. In this part of the essay, the student will bring the essay to the end. The students are required not to write anything beyond this part.

Here we have written many essays on various topics for the convenience of the students. There are innumerable topics on which the students will be required to write the essay. The students will be prepared to write the essay at any time. This kind of skill will be developed only by practicing writing more and more essays in assortment of topics over the period of time.

Our team of English Language experts will collect various topics and will keep on writing essays on those topics. We will keep on adding new essays to this page. The students are required to keep on visiting this page regularly so that the students will keep themselves updated.

Essays for Students :

  1. A Picnic
  2. An Exhibition
  3. A Postman
  4. A Soldier in The Defence of A Nation
  5. A Visit to A Museum
  6. Advantages of Games and Sports
  7. An Excursion
  8. An Ideal Student
  9. An Indian Village
  10. Ancient Olympic Games
  11. Atom for Peace
  12. CINEMA
  13. Computers
  14. Discipline
  15. Dowry System
  16. Drug Addiction
  17. Economic Planning of India
  18. Environmental Pollution
  19. Festival of Christmas
  20. Festival of DASARA
  21. Festival of Deepavali
  22. Festival of Diwali
  23. Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi
  24. Festival of HOLI
  25. Festival of Makarasankranti
  26. Festival of ONAM
  27. Festival of Pongal
  28. Festival of Ramzan
  29. Festivals of India
  30. GANGA The Holy River
  31. Habit of Reading
  32. Health is Wealth.
  33. History of English
  34. HOBBY
  35. How I Spent My Last Summer Vacation…
  36. If I were A Crorepathy
  37. If I were A Millionaire
  38. If I were A Principal
  39. Importance of Games and Sports
  40. Importance of Travelling
  41. Independence Day of India
  42. Inspire Courage
  43. Is Science A Blessing or A Curse?
  44. Is Television A Boon or A Bane?
  45. Kusum Sarovar
  46. Mahatma Gandhi
  47. Modern Olympic Games
  48. My Favourite Book
  49. My Hobby
  50. My School
  51. National Hero of India
  52. National Integration
  53. News-Paper
  54. Principal Languages of India
  55. Prize Distribution Function
  56. Problems of Over-Population
  57. Remedies for Over-Population - 1
  58. Remedies for Over-Population - 2
  59. Satellite Launching Capability of India
  60. School Library
  61. Speech by RATAN TATA given at Symbiosis
  62. Subhash Chandra Bose
  63. Telephone
  64. Television
  65. Terrorism
  66. The Asian Games
  67. The Aims of Olympic Games
  68. The Documentary Films
  69. The Father of India
  70. The Five Year Plans of India
  71. The Indian Space Technology
  72. The Juggler
  73. The Person I Admire The Most
  74. The Wonders of Science
  75. Value of Sports and Games

School Essays

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