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A good and well equipped school is one which has enough classrooms, laboratory, library and toilets. A library is very essential thing and it is a great asset to a school. Without a library, a school is like a body without soul. Mere reading of text books is not enough to gain knowledge. Both the students and teachers must and should read general books. Hundreds of books on every subject appear on the book stand. It is impossible to buy all those books. So the school and public libraries help the students and teachers.

A library requires a spacious room preferably ground floor. The book shelves should be arranged properly. There must be two sections - one section for students and the other for reference books for the teachers. A library must have proper seating arrangements. It is very helpful for the students to sit and read comfortably. Library contains thousands of books on literature, history, geography, science, social science and sports. They are properly arranged.

In every school each student will receive books in the library period. He can keep the book for two weeks. He can renew the book.

Reading of newspaper headline has become a regular feature in school. A student will be chosen to read the heading after the prayer. Separate reading room must be provided. Both the library and reading room help the students and the teachers to gain knowledge. They mitigate their ignorance, narrow-mindedness and intolerance.

The smooth and efficient work of the library depends upon the trained librarian. He should be polite and kind-hearted and he must always ready to help the students in choosing books. In some schools library serves as the ornament that means books are kept neatly and they always appear brand new books. It is only an exhibition of books. The main purpose of a library is to spread knowledge and not to lock it in shelves.

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