Secret of Birbal

Secret of Birbal :

One day as Birbal entered King Akbar’s court, he saw all the courtiers laughing and smiling. He asked the King, “Your Majesty, why is everyone in a merry mood?”

“Oh, nothing particular Birbal,” the King replied. “We were discussing the colour of people’s skin. Most of the courtiers and even I am a fair complexioned man. How are you darker than us?”

As always, Birbal had an answer ready, “Oh! I think you do not know the secret behind my complexion of skin.”

“Secret, what secret is it?” enquired the King.

“A long time ago, God created the world full of plants, birds and animals. He was not satisfied with that creation. So, he made his ultimate creation-man. God was very happy to see his new creation. So, He decided to gift looks, wealth and brains to all. He announced that every human was given five minutes to gather the gifts they liked. I got busy in collecting brain full of intelligence in wit and had no time left to take the other things. All of you were busy collecting looks and wealth and the rest is history.”

Hearing this no one had a suitable retort to make. But King Akbar laughed out loud at Birbal’s presence of mind in answering a query.

Secret of Birbal

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