Semicolons :

Semicolons and Colons were originally used to designate pauses shorter than a period and longer than a comma. Now they are used to show certain grammatical relationships with the colon - the more emphatic of the two.

Semicolons with clauses

Semicolons are used to separate independent clauses when there are no conjunctions separating the clauses.

For example :

Duryodhana was a Kaurav; Arjun, a Pandav.

Semicolons are used to separate independent clauses when the clauses themselves contain commas.

For example :

She wears skirts with ric rac, a type of lace, but I prefer plain skirts myself. (Since the clause already has comma, semicolon separating the clauses is needed to make the sentence clear.) (Incorrect)

She wears skirts with ric rac, a type of lace; but I prefer plain skirts myself. (Correct)

Put in the appropriate semicolons.

1. Exercising helps to keep you healthy and fit proper nutrition is also important.

2. I believe there are three things to achieving good grades: paying attention in class doing your homework and listening to the teacher.

3. I like going fishing I don’t like putting worms on hooks!

4. Red is my favourite colour I like wearing blue sometimes.

5. Learn to use the semicolon properly your punctuation test mark will improve.

6. My dog likes to play with cats my dog likes most animals.

7. I have cable television cable television always has good movies!

8. I don’t sleep well at night I’m always tired during the day.

9. Jim went to the candy store quite often the clerk even knew his name.

10. She bought vegetables such as onions, cabbage and brinjals fruits such as apples, oranges and pineapples and some household items.


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