Sentence Connectors

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Sentence Connectors :

When you speak or write, you help people to understand your message by indicating how one idea leads to another. Words and phrases like….

1. But
2. In Brief
3. In Fact
4. Next
5. Of Course
6. The Other Hand
7. Therefore

….are used to connect the sentences so that there can be coherence or logical continuity of thought. This chapter deals with such sentence connectors.

Here is a list of many of the common sentence connectors together with their functions.

For adding and listing

1. again
2. also
3. and
4. and then
5. besides
6. finally
7. first
8. firstly
9. further
10. furthermore
11. in addition
12. likewise
13. moreover
14. next
15. second
16. secondly
17. to begin with

For changing the subject

1. by the way
2. Incidentally

For explanation

1. for example
2. for instance
3. in other words
4. that is
5. that is to say
6. to illustrate

For summary and generalization

1. altogether
2. as a rule
3. generally
4. in a word
5. in all
6. in brief
7. in short
8. on the whole
9. to sum up
10. to summarise

For indicating time relations

1. after a short time
2. Afterwards
3. at last
4. at length
5. at that time
6. in the meanwhile
7. meanwhile

For indicating cause and effect

1. accordingly
2. as a result
3. Consequently
4. hence
5. otherwise
6. So
7. Therefore
8. thus

For indicating comparison

1. in the same way
2. Likewise
3. Similarly

For indicating contrast

1. But
2. However
3. in contrast
4. Nevertheless
5. on the contrary
6. on the other hand
7. Still
8. Yet

For indicating concession

1. after all
2. at the same time
3. of course

You find these connectors frequently used in any piece of writing or speech.

A few examples are given below.

1. The rent is too high. Moreover, the house is not in a suitable position.

2. The child has gone into the park. Meanwhile his mother was searching for him in the street.

3. They stole all the jewels. Besides, they murdered the woman.

4. After a term of comparative idleness he worked very hard in the last week. As a result, he came top in the examination.

5. Mr. Narayan Sinha is tired of teaching. Consequently, he is looking forward to his retirement.

6. He was very tired. Yet he was unable to sleep until after midnight.

7. She drove very fast to the airport. However she missed plane.

8. Do you mean I am busy? On the contrary, I am out of work.

Observe the use of sentence connectors in the follow ing passage.

Mark Twain had an old umbrella. He wanted to get rid of the umbrella. Therefore he threw it into a dustbin. But somebody recognized it as his and returned it to him. Next he threw it into a well. The next day somebody went down into the well to clear it, found the umbrella and returned it to the author. Afterwards he tried several other ways, but the umbrella kept coming back. Finally he lent it to a friend. He never saw it again.

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