Sentence Structure

Sentence Structure :

Present Tense

Subject + Predicate

1. I do.
2. We do.
3. They do.
4. You do.
5. He does.
6. She does.
7. It does.
8. Birds do fly. (Birds fly.)
9. He does work. (He works.)
10. It does eat. (It eats.)
11. Ram does write. (Ram writes.)

Past Tense

Subject + Predicate

1. I did.
2. We did.
3. They did.
4. You did.
5. He did.
6. She did.
7. It did.
8. Birds did fly. (Birds flew.)
9. He did work. (He worked.)
10. It did eat. (It ate.)
11. Ram did write. (Ram wrote.)

Present Tense…Past Tense

1. Do…..did
2. Does…..did
3. Fly…..flew
4. Work…..worked
5. Eat…..ate
6. Write……..wrote

Subject……Predicate…..Other Word / Words

1. I do the job.
2. We do the cooking.
3. They do the cutting vegetables.
4. You do packing the luggage.
5. He does the make-up.
6. She does shopping.
7. It does the wagging.
8. I did the job.
9. We did the cooking.
10. They did the cutting vegetables.
11. You did packing the luggage.
12. He did the make-up.
13. She did shopping.
14. It did the wagging.


1. I did the work. (I worked.)
2. We did the cooking. (We cooked.)
3. They did the cutting vegetables. (They cut the vegetables.)
4. You did packing the luggage. (You packed the luggage.)
5. He did the make-up. (He made up.)
6. She did shopping. (She shopped.)
7. It did the wagging. (It wagged.)


1. I do the washing.
2. I cannot do the sum.
3. He likes the ice-cream.
4. It knows the road.
5. She likes Salmon.
6. We do not eat trout.
7. My friends like singing.

Complement : Something which when added to something elase completes it or makes it or makes it perfect.

Subject…..Predicate…..Subject Compliment

1. This is a pencil.
2. It is I.
3. It is me.
4. January is the first month.
5. Snow is white.
6. She is a doctor.
7. The concert is today.
8. The book is yours.
9. It is beautiful.
10. The child is quite.
11. We are the students.
12. He looks happy.
13. We are in hurry.
14. He is busy.

Subject…..Predicate…..First Object…..Second Object

1. I know his address.
2. He shuts the door.
3. The teacher gives her a book.
4. Show me your hands.
5. The man asks her many questions.
6. David gives himself a treat.
7. He does not leave us any food.
8. You tell the police the truth.


1. I am writing.
2. You are writing.
3. They are writing.
4. She is writing.
5. He is writing.
6. It is writing.
7. I was writing.
8. You were writing.
9. They were writing.
10. He was writing.
11. She was writing.
12. It was writing.
13. I shall be writing.
14. You will be writing.
15. He will be writing.
16. They will be writing.

Present Tense Singular : is / am
Present Tense Plural : are
Past Tense Singular : was
Past Tense Plural : were
Future Tense Singular : will be / shall be
Future Tense Plural : will be / shall be

Sentence Structure

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