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When we speak or write we use words. We make ourselves understood by using words in groups. The study of grammar is basically the study of how words behave in groups. A sentence is a group of words which makes complete sense. A sentence can be a statement, a question, a command or an exclamation.

Look at these sentences.

1. Raja has seen this movie today.
2. Did you pay the fees?
3. Pay the fees by tomorrow.
4. What a beautiful picture it is!

Sentence 1 is a statement. It gives information. Statements are also called declarative sentences.

1. They are not in town.
2. We did not attend the wedding function.
3. He is the tallest student in the class.
4. She stood up upon seeing her father.
5. My sister is in her college.
6. Raja completed his MBA from Standford.
7. The film has come out on video.

Sentence 2 is a question. It asks for information. Questions are also called interrogative sentences.

1. Do you know his mobile number?
2. What is your mobile number?
3. Where are you going now?
4. Where is your father?
5. May I come in?

Sentence 3 is a command. Somebody is told to do something. Sentences of this kind can also be called imperative sentences.

1. Raja, bring your photot today.
2. Fetch me a glass of water.
3. Write down the letter.
4. Send me this document by email.
5. Come on!
6. Come in!
7. Run fast.
8. Don’t make a noise.

Sentence 4 is an exclamation. It expresses a strong feeling. Sentences of this type are also called exclamatory sentences. They often begin with how or what.

1. Wow! What a wonderful scenary!
2. How tall he is!
3. What a long train!
4. What a melodious music they have composed!
5. What beautifiil music they are playing!


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