Sentences and Phrases

Sentences and Phrases :

A combination of words that makes sense, but not completes sense, is called a Phrase.

He walks along the road.

This is a complete sentence. But ALONG THE ROAD is not a sentence. The phrase ALONG THE ROAD does not make any sense. Only when we add the subject and verb HE WALKS….the phrase gets a meaning.

So, a phrase is only a part of sentence.

1. On the river
2. Through thick and thin
3. A bird in the hand
4. Waling along the road
5. Waiting for the school-bus
6. With kith and kin
7. Ever fresh
8. Dangerous by itself

All the groups of words mentioned above are phrases. Because, they do not have subjects which carry out the actions mentioned in these phrases. It follows, therefore, that a phrase cannot contain a Predicate either expressed or understood.

Phrases are used as parts of sentences. We may add few more words in the above mentioned phrases to make them complete sentences.

1. On the river…The boat is on the river.

2. Through thick and thin….He was with me through thick and thin.

3. A bird in the hand…A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

4. Walking along the road….He was walking along the road.

5. Waiting for the school-bus…They were waiting for the school-bus.

6. With kith and kin…You are welcome with your kith and kin.

7. Ever fresh….He looks ever fresh.

8. Dangerous by itself…..Waling in the rail-way track is dangerous by itself.

Examine the group of words in italics in the following sentence.

This is the house where we live.

Here 'where we live' is not a phrase, because it has a subject 'we' and a predicate 'live'.

Since it has a subject and a predicate of its own, it resembles a complete sentence. Yet it is not a complete sentence, because it forms only part of a sentence. Such a group of words as forms part of a sentence and contains a subject and a predicate, is called a Clause. Phrases may be classified according to the parts of speech for which they are used as substitutes.

Examples of Phrases and how they are used in sentences :

1. Defeated in the war….They were defeated in the war.

2. Scoring high marks in the exams…..Scoring high marks in the exams is quite easy.

3. At 7 o’clock….Please, be there at 7 o’clock.

4. With your school-bag…..It would be difficult to run with your school-bag.

5. To enroll in this college…..They have brought their son to enroll in this college.

Sentences and Phrases :

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