Sentences Appropriate Conjunctions

Sentences Appropriate Conjunctions :

Example Sentences Appropriate Conjunctions :

1. Sheela can attend the meeting although she doesn’t say anything.

2. The teacher will not leave until the students have completed their work.

3. Your mother has sent this umbrella so that you can use it if it is very sunny.

4. Rapunzel was quite unhappy because she was always left alone in the tower.

5. My brother came to the party although he generally doesn’t like to.

6. Call me if you have finished your homework?

7. Veena can water the plants while we trim the hedges.

8. Since you had told me you were unwell, I would not have allowed you to eat ice cream.

9. I don’t have to go to the market though there are enough vegetables in the house.

10. When the train started late, it reached the destination on time.

11. My dad and I are going fishing this afternoon.

12. He behaves as if he rules the world.

13. Both my mother and my father were born in this country.

14. Neither I will go to the store nor you will.

15. I waited until my mother paid for the groceries.

16. The old man doesn’t have much money although he always seems to have nice things.

17. My dog and my cat are sick.

18. Both you and your friend are old enough to enter the club.

19. We started moving after he took his foot off the brake.

20. I don’t have much time, so hurry up!

Sentences Appropriate Conjunctions

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