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Sentences Connectors in Sentences :

1. It wasn't good hotel. Besides, it was very expensive.

2. They had not paid the rent for several months. As a result, they were made to vacate the house.

3. He doesn't need any money from us. On the contrary, we should be going to him for a loan.

4. The reporters waited patiently for the Prime Minister until noon. Then, they began to batter the press secretary with questions.

5. European housewives shop daily. Therefore, they do not have left-over food to throw away.

6. He had spent a good deal of life in America. Besides, he had lived for a year or so in France.

7. They don't often use it over the weekend. So, you can borrow it if you want to.

8. The doctor told him to rest. Yet, he went on working.

9. I must go now. By the way, if you want that book I’ll bring it next time.

10. In order to buy a scooter, I may draw-on my savings . On the other hand, I might approach my uncle for a loan.

11. She was tired out after her long walk. So, she went to bed early.

12. Student unrest in colleges has declined. In fact, there is continuing need for change in higher education.

Sentences Connectors in Sentences

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